Griffon; is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, guarding priceless possession of Athena's first temple in Yenifoca. We decided to open our doors to you our pricesless visitors with the name Griffon.


What we thought while building Griffon Hotel?


It took 4 years to build the boutique hotel that we shaped in our imagination when we came across with this centennial historic building.

We brought this wrecked-building, formed with an old olive oil factory and storage blocks and also with its own yard and back garden, into your service by keeping its authentic atmosphere with the consent of council of monuments.

Our motive was all the while to create a genuine, clean and luxurious boutique hotel by keeping its historic atmosphere.

Now it's our turn to do the honours by helping our guests build their own dreams in our dream hotel.


We have become a family within ourselves, now we are waiting for you,  to meet new members of our family.


Best Regards

Griffon Family

"Şehrin kalabalığından sıyrılıp
küçük bir mola."

"İstanbul'dan huzura gelmişiz meğer..Her sabah evimizin bahçesinde kahvaltı ardından ömre ömür katan deniz ile buluşma ve ardından otelimize, iyi hissettiğimiz yere dönüş. Yollarımız birkez daha kesişene kadar hep böyle kalın..."


/ Eylül, Melis, Serkan V.


“A fascinating building hidden between streets of very small houses. Extremely welcoming and beautiful. A wonderfull experience.”


/ Mary from Switzerland

"Mükemmellik detaylarda 

"Burada geçirdiğimiz süre içinde gündelik ihtiyaçlarımızın bütün küçük detaylarını ince ince planlayan, bizden daha titiz düşünen, mutlu etmeyi, insanlara dokunmayı seven hizmet anlayışınız çok sık rastlanan bir şey değil. Kendimizi çok özel hissettik. Siz zaten çok özelsiniz. Mutlu olmanız dileğiyle."

/ Ö. Derya

Our Environment Policy


In order to protect the future of our region, we are serving with a point of view which minimises the possible harms of tourism to environment and culture of local people, also aims to maximise its contribution to regional economy.


Our motive is to minimise the damage to our environment, scale up our economical effect for regional interest and provide social gains to local people by interacting with them.  


Accordingly to go a step further, we have made our application to become a representative of an environmental label implementation, given to environment-friendly facilities; within ''Environment Conscious Facilities'' and ''Sustainable Tourism'' projects which were launched by Ministry of Tourism and Culture.


During this application process, we have taken our first and biggest step by qualifying among 15 best applications throughout Turkey. 


Why Green Star Reference is Important?


  • Ensures water-saving

  • Economical usage of natural resources.

  • Enhancing energy efficiency

  • Reducing consumption of environmentally hazardous substances and amount of waste.

  • Encouraging usage of renewable energy sources and recyclable materials.

  • Environmentally-conscious planning from the investment phase of accomodation businesses.

  • Protecting the environment with overall approach.

  • Developing the environmental consciousness and being preferred by those who have already this consciousness.

  • Decreasing medium-term costs.

  • Ensuring self-awareness of facility staff.

  • Efficient usage of workforce

  • Taking advantage of Electric Energy Support provided by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  • Gaining sustainable competence superiority.


Above all, green star ensures leaving our children ''a Green Legacy''.

Griffon Boutique Hotel, Ege Denizi'nin keşfedilmemiş kıyısı Yenifoça'da yer almaktadır. 



İzmir Caddesi, Gezener Sk. Fabrika Sk.  

No:2 Yenifoça - İzmir /

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