Griffon Boutique Hotel

It took us exactly four years to realize the boutique hotel that came alive in our dreams when we encountered our century-old historical building.We have opened this ruined building, which consists of an old olive oil factory and warehouse buildings, with its own courtyard and garden, to your service with a project that we have got approved by the Monuments board by staying true to its original texture.

Our goal has always been to create a real boutique hotel that is clean, comfortable, respectful of nature, without losing the historical ambience.

Now it’s time to host you dear guests to create your own dreams in this hotel of our dreams.

We have become a family within ourselves, and now we are waiting for you to meet new members of our family.

With love,

the Griffon Family



Griffon Boutique Hotel is located in Yenifoça, the unexplored coast of the Aegean Sea.